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Understanding Medicare Supplement Plans

Med-Care Health Solutions is here to explain, and assist you with the transition process with starting your Medicare coverage. Our team of licensed agents are here to answer any questions you have at any point in time. We simplify the process, and make sure you understand all of your benefits. Many of our clients often find that it’s not as easy as they thought it would be to compare Medicare supplement plans. With every client, Med-Care Health Solutions will provide a free expert consultation. We help you understand the best coverage options available to make a smart decision on your Medicare supplement needs.


Choosing a Medicare Supplement

Med-Care Health Solutions compares every available Medicare supplement plan nationwide, with dozens of insurance companies for you. By you choosing the right Medicare supplement plan, you’ll have No Copays, No High Deductibles, and No Unexpected Expenses. Our expert team will make sure you understand all of your Medicare options. 


Peace of Mind with Medicare Supplements

After helping you choose the right Medicare supplement plan for your needs, Med-Care Health Solutions will continue assisting you for the future. As an agency, we make sure every year you have the best plan, for the best price. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Medicare seniors who have been abandoned by their agent. Our company's business model is “Client for Life-Agent for Life". We provide the highest level of service with our team of industry experts you will be treated as part of our family. Med-Care Health Solutions will always be there to assist you with all your Medicare supplemental needs.  

Turning 65


When should I purchase a Medicare supplement?

The best time to buy a Medicare supplement policy is during your 6-month (IEP) Initial Enrollment Period before turning 65. During this time period you can buy any Medicare supplement policy available in your area with No Medical Questions, and Guaranteed Approval.

Medicare Part A:

If you have worked full time for at least 10 years or more, your Medicare Part A premium has been paid. Medicare Part A covers Inpatient Hospital Care, Skilled Nursing Facility Care, and Hospice Care. The 2019 Medicare Part A Deductible is $1,364.00 per benefit period.

Medicare Part B:

The 2019 Medicare Part B premium is $135.50 monthly. The premium is most often paid monthly through Social Security Income. You can start enrolling into Medicare part B 90 days before turning 65. Medicare Part B covers outpatient services like, Surgical Procedures, Dr. Visits, Diagnostic Tests, Labs, X-Rays, and Durable Medical Equipment. The 2019 Medicare Part B Annual Deductible is $185.00.

Medicare Part D:

Medicare Part D is stand alone prescription drug coverage. You can start enrolling in Medicare Part D 90 days before turning 65. There are many different Part D plans available, each one with different Monthly Premiums,  Deductibles, Copays, and Drug Formulary based on the insurance carrier. Your Medicare Part D drug coverage can be changed each year during (AEP) Annual Election Period, October 15 - December 7.


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